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ps. for all of your information this is a picture of the most delicious beer in the world.

Actually, not really. Because it’s like, 1/10 of the deliciousness bottled as it is on tap. I wouldn’t even buy it bottled again.


If you guys can find Left Hand Milk Stout on tap near you….GO TRY IT!! It’s seriously so delicious and molasses-y and creamy. ^__^ ~mm~ (Then again, I ONLY like really flavourful, dark beers/stouts. IPA’s are nasty and light beers can gtfo.)

(via so-much-to-prove)


Dou Suan (豆宣) 

Split mung bean soup with fried dough fritters. Eaten warm as a dessert



Pear, Walnut and Gorgonzola Salad

Follow the link for recipe.
Thanks to Naturally Ella

Steamed Egg Soup (계란찜)

Why yes, I would like some crostini with my hummus.

Unbeknown to me, David Burke has brunch on Sundays. Apparently I need to spend less time away from NYC. You can all guess where I’ll be the first Sunday I am back…

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