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The outbreaks are only part of the worry. Occasional U.S. intelligence reports in recent years have warned that terrorist organizations have contemplated poisoning food as a means of attacking Westerners.

The FDA, responsible for screening for pathogens in fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and foreign imports, employs about 1,800 inspectors (more than in years past, but still not enough, say food-safety advocates, to meet inspection needs), just sufficient to inspect a quarter of their intended domestic plants one time each year. That means some facilities go years without an inspection, a 2010 HHS report found. At the border, FDA inspectors use electronic screening and risk analysis but physically inspect only about 1 percent of food imports, officials say, a number that leaves advocates at watchdog groups like Food & Water Watch stunned.

I don’t understand how after so many books, articles, and publicity about our horrid food “safety” in America we still aren’t passing laws to improve conditions! It’s absurd and is probably in the top 3 things that piss me off in the US - so much so that I would consider dedicating a significant portion of my time/efforts/life in combating it if I only knew what to do. It’s not like we can spread awareness much more than we already are. It seems like everyone reads Fast Food Nation or The Jungle or watches King Corn and promptly discards it from their memory as if it’s something we can’t help or change. UGH. I’m fed up with it.

I also don’t understand how America hasn’t figured out that whatever shit we are putting in our vegetables and meats to make them bigger is also, at least in my opinion, also making US bigger. It only makes sense. If we’re injecting our food with things that build fats and muscle it’s going to get into our bodies when we eat it. I think it contributes a lot to the obesity epidemic in America. I am really noticing it not being in the US. In Korea I eat so much bread and so many coffee drinks and definitely less healthy than at home, have stopped exercising other than walking places, and am still maintaining my weight if not losing some. The only explanation is that there is SOMETHING in the food in America that is making us bigger - and I’d be willing to bet it’s pesticides that not only cause us harm but end up producing harsher and harsher strains of bacteria that will eventually kill us.



Foods That Look Like the Body Parts They’re Good For

GOD DAMN BILL MAHER, my mother can’t stand you BUT YOU ARE FREAKING AWESOME. This is more truth than I’ve heard in awhile. Everyone WATCH THIS.

Being overweight is just as unhealthy as smoking. Yet society today encourages people to speak out about smoking, but frowns upon pointing out the dangers of obesity publicly.

This is sort of a paraphrase from the movie Food Inc. (or maybe it was Supersize Me, I watched them both within 2 days of each other so sometimes I mix them together) The general gist is that it’s not frowned upon if a stranger says something to a smoker about how horrible it is that they are smoking, but if a stranger would critisize someone for being fat there would be a huge uproar. Now, I’m not for criticizing any strangers publicly…people can do what they want. But I have to kind of agree. Yes, everyone should be happy with and respect their bodies but there IS a real health risk involved with being overweight and not eating right. I hope society can being adjusting itself to a healthier lifestyle. Bike to class, even if you’re 8 miles away. Walk down the stairs instead of using the escalator. Chop fresh mozzarella and tomatoes into your pasta instead of that canned tomato or cheese sauce. Simple lifestyle alterations can seriously make a difference. I am definitely for speaking out against obesity.

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